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From Pre Approval to Closing Works Perfectly well when Borrower's Stay in Line with TLA Practice

The first step in obtaining home loan financing is to fill out the pre approval loan application , We will make an appointment to meet with you in person or over the phone to obtain any necessary personal and financial information needed to initiate the loan process. During this step, we will also discuss different loan programs available to you that will meet your needs, the interest rates available, and the financial and property qualifications for the loan program you’ve chosen.

Once you have chosen a loan program and interest rate, the application has been filled out and you have provided us with the necessary information, we will send out forms to verify your employment history and bank account information, obtain your credit report, order your preliminary title report from the title company and order your appraisal. Once this information is returned to us, we will compile your loan documents and submit them to the underwriter for final approval.

Your loan may be approved as submitted, approved with conditions, or a counter offer may be made for your consideration. If there are conditions on the loan in order for it to be approved as submitted, we will work with you to satisfy these conditions. Conditions might include an explanation letter of some sort, copies of investment documents, copies of divorce papers, or any number of items that may help clarify your qualifications for the loan.

After the loan conditions are met (if any) and the loan is approved, the necessary documents are prepared for closing. The lender will draw up the necessary documents along with any (prior-to-funding) conditions that have yet to be met, and in most cases send them to a title or escrow company near where you live or your attorney to be signed by you. Your escrow officer or attorney will arrange for an appointment with you when the loan papers are ready to be signed.

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Most Times, What every investor needs is a lender to support and always stand-by to make a push for a win win situation. We are here to become your financing partner. 

Our online loan application takes less than 10 minutes to complete and requires minimal information to get the answers you need.

Typically, within 24 hours of receipt of your loan application, we will provide you a written offer disclosing all terms in a clear, easy to understand manner.

Some lenders make you wait weeks for your funds, but we can get your loans funded through escrow and wired to your account in days.

Pay off your loan in monthly installments via phone, mail, or direct deposit. It’s that simple.